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At ShoppingOS

We are on a mission to simplify financial innovation for everyday commerce.

ShoppingOS is a no-code Open Banking platform that helps merchants increase retention and drive digital sales by allowing customers to initiate ecommerce payments, from customers bank account to merchants bank account in realtime.


Your success is our goal

Our vision is to become the most loved financial service provider.

Only about 1 percent of the global ecommerce payments is processed via account to account payments.

This means a critical mass of online businesses are still stuck with the 40 years old clunky, slow & costly card payment technology. We want to change that!

Meet the leadership team

Victor Colta

Co-founder & Chief Software Architect

Illia Dragan

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Ifeoluwa Osakuade

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Adetayo Teluwo


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