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Dashboard – ShoppingOS

Full control of payment experiences in dashboard.

Get the full control of shopper’s payment experiences in your dashboard. Connect your bank, issue payouts to vendors or customers, issue instant refunds to customers, monitor insights, reports, payment statuses in real-time. 

Easy reconciliation

We have made it easy for you to automatically reconcile payments, refunds and payouts by monitoring account balances in real-time across all your bank accounts. Payments are automatically matched to transactions the moment they post.

Clear payment
operation analysis.

We made it easy to visualise the full payments operations in one place. You can filter to see payments weekly, monthly and quarterly as well as their transaction type. You can locate any transaction by searching with the order number, time period or time period.

Team access

Keep your payment operations secure by customising team controls and access to staff members. Create customer permissions by adding a team member to manage refunds, payouts or support.

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